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The Family Begins with the ASBURY History

The history of the Asbury family began in Montezuma and Oglethorpe, Georgia during the latter years of slavery.  Born to John Henry Asbury Sr. and Miley Lane Asbury were 14 children Prince, Coleman, Allen, Louis, Oscar, John Jr., Arthur, Roy, Florence, Mary, Alma, Betty, Alberta and Emma.  The first child Prince was born in 1858 during slavery.  It is believed that the other children were born during the six years prior to the freeing of the slaves on January 1, 1865.  Emma died very young  and the twins were born before Oscar and they also died.

John Henry Asbury Sr. had another son named John Edwards who was born in 1874 and was raised by his mother Catherine Edwards, in the Ellaville, Georgia area.

John Henry Asbury Sr. was born into slavery in 1842 in Oglethorpe, Georgia. John Henry's father was named Richard Titus Asbury and his mother was named Mary Asbury.  The white slave owners were Richard and his wife Susan Asbury had many slaves on their plantation. John Henry Asbury's first name was dropped and he was referred to Henry Asbury.  Richard and Susan had a son named John Asbury and that may have been the reason.  There were several slave owners with the last name Asbury living in the state of Virgina in the late 1700's and 1800's.  Most of them came to the United States from England. Richard Titus was born into slavery around 1820 and his first name was also dropped and he was referred to as Titus Asbury.

Prince Asberry
(Born in 1858)

Louis Asberry
(Born in 1865)

Emma Asberry
(Born in 1873)

Florence Asberry
(Born in 1874)

John H. Asberry Jr.
(Born in 1878)

Arthur Asberry
(Born in 1880)

Mary Asberry
(Born in 1881)

Allen Asberry
(Born in 1882)

Alma Asberry
(Born in 1883)

Coleman Asberry
(Born in 1885)

Alberta Asberry
(Born in 1886)

Oscar Asberry
(Born in 1888)

Roy Asberry
(Born in 1890)

Betty Asberry
(Born in 1895)

(BORN IN 1873)
Richard Asbury died in 1857.  Slave owner John Henry and one other male slave were sold by Susan in 1857 to a slave owner named Williams A. Black, who owned a large plantation in Ellaville, Georgia. Titus and one female (Mary) were sold to a slave owner in Dawson, Georgia. The slave owners name was undetermined.  Susan kept two females as servants.  Titus told the 1870 census takers that he was born in 1820 in the state of Virginia.  He was owned by one of the Asbury families when he was born in Virginia. He was moved from Virginia to Oglethorpe, Georgia around 1840.  Titus died in Leesburg, GA.  It is believed that Titus and John Henry lost contact with each other after they were sold to different slave owners.  The 1870 census reflects Titus was married to Mary Asbury and they had four children: Charlotte, Elizabeth, Benjamin, and George Asbury who is believed to be John Henry's brothers and sisters he never knew due to their birth year and location.  It was also believed that Titus was used for breeding by the Asbury slave owners and he fathered other children by other women during slavery.  The Asbury slave owners in Virginia named one of their sons Georgia who was born in Tazewell, Virginia in 1810 and another one named Benjamin who was born in 1804 in Fairfax, Virginia.  They also used the name Richard Asbury in the early 1800's. 

In 1870 the census data seemed to show in general that not many slaves were using their surname of their 1860 slaveholders unless they were owned by the same slave owner. This would explain thy the Asbury slaves on Richard Asbury's plantation in Oglethorpe in 1850 did not change their surname to their 1860 slaveholder.